The Ampal Creative Nature Was Here II Strap Back Hat

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Inspired by the Golden Years of American motorcycling, we continued this series of hats based on the old water-slide decals of the 30s-60s. We picked some more of our favorites, redrew them by hand and printed them vintage style on felt. This one was inspired by an "Indian Motorcycles" ad from the 70s when the name was bought to brand imported small dirt bikes.

The hat also has another layer of meaning. In the 70's my mom had an accessories line called "KILROY" - they were stuffed pillows of Kilroy, the basis of the guy used in the Indian Motorcycle ad.

Deadstock Cotton Blend Basketweave Twill Upper Deadstock Japanese Blanket Stripe Flannel Under Brim & Inside Lining Unstructured Vtg. Style Crushable Upper Adj. Leather Strapback Vtg. Style Felt Patch Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA