Sendero Provisions Co. Stick Up Hat

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Sounds that could change your fortune for the worse in the wild west:

First, a click. Then 4 words that no weary traveler wants to hear from over their shoulder - “REACH FOR THE SKY!” There isn’t a lawman, or anyone for miles. Just you and a gun slingin’ cattle rustler that hides his ugly mug under a dusty bandana.

You can show the lord how clean you keep your hands, or you can take off and pray that bandit only has practice cocking the gun and not pulling the trigger. So, what’s it gonna be? Cuz this is a stick up.

100% Cotton Microfiber. Embroidered Design. Unstructured Mid-Profile 5 Panel. Easy Curve Visor. Pop-Up Mesh. Snapback Agave Tag. Classic Sendero Label. One Size Fit All. Color - Black.