[SALE] Playbook Slate Coasters Set of 4 - Pittsburgh Football Greatest Plays

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Set of 4. Four of the greatest moments in Pittsburgh football history. 2009 Super Bowl XLVIII - Holmes steals the Super Bowl. 2005 Super Bowl XL - Trick play gives one for the thumb. 1979 Super Bowl XIV - Stallworth stalls the Rams. 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff - Immaculate Reception.

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As sports fans, we all have our favorite plays. These plays are as much about us – the fans – as they are about the teams and players. We'll always remember what these moments mean to us. Each of our products tells a story, one that you can share with your guests or relive as you're waiting for a match to begin.
This company began with a set of slate coasters that was a gift for my brother's 30th birthday. With him 3000 miles away, we don't often get the chance to watch games together, but sports have always been a strong bond between us. I researched the most important moments in his team's history and diagrammed out the plays so he could relive them every time he sat down at his coffee table.