Man Beard Co • Speakeasy • Beard Oil


The scent that started it all is Speakeasy.

Citrus, clove and cinnamon are at the front of this flagship scent. Followed by the smells of cedar floors and leather chairs. A speakeasy experience for the beard. Use our signature aloe vera base, with beeswax, mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and vitamin e oil as our base carrier oils. We use a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils, for our propitiatory scent blends.

Size: 2 oz/60 ml.

Step into the back room of a speakeasy. Our Speakeasy beard oil is composed of manly scents that remind you of that back room bar that you visit regularly. Notes of citrus, clove and cinnamon join this tour de force with rich leathers and hardwoods to create this flagship scent. This oil blend is designed to help eradicate shaggy and flaky beards. Speakeasy is great for a nights out on the town!

After a few uses, signs of beard repair and revitalization become noticeable--the beard becomes soft, shiny and hydrated, which will serve as an assurance that this product is top notch.


 Benefits of this beard care product:

Rich Composition: Man Beard Co beard oils have the appropriate amount of fatty acids Vitamin E and Vitamin A to keep your beard in a great shape.

Fast Effect: The product is exceptional for the promotion of strong and even facial hair growth. Effects are visible after a few uses.

Protection: Aids in combating dryness, itching, dandruff and other uncomfortable experiences associated with full beards.

Enhanced Look: Your facial hair is sure to look not only sleek and smooth, but also thick, even, and charming.

Skin-friendly: Tested by the makers, volunteers and buyers feedback states that it works perfectly for various skin types including the more sensitive ones.