Lucky Franc's Real Horn Shoehorn


Lucky Franc's Brand 100% real natural horn handmade shoehorn.

Before people stared making cheap plastic and metal shoehorns, shoe horns were made with real bull horn. Our handmade durable shoe horns are beautiful, feel awesome in your hand, look great, and will perform well. Each shoehorn is unique in color due to the natural horn material. Soft browns, golden yellows, rich blacks, and flecks of white and silver are common. No two units will exactly alike which adds to the handmade custom feel of each shoehorn. Perfectly sized at approximately 7.25" these shoehorns are small enough for travel needs yet large enough for everyday home use. 

Protect your shoes: Shoehorns are made to help you slip on your shoes more easily and comfortably. They also help prevent the backs of your shoes from wearing out and breaking down. Good shoes are expensive! A shoe horn will prolong the life of your shoes, make them easily to slip into, and will protect your investment.

Unique Gift Idea: Packaged in a classy black gift box, these are easy to gift wrap. Makes a great gift for men, co-workers, bosses, Christmas, Father's Day, or any holiday gift.

Many Uses: This shoehorn is great for men and women! Can be used to slide on dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, tennis shoes, or any shoes. This is a gift everyone will love and everyone needs

*Sizing can vary slightly as each item is handmade from natural material.* Handmade in India, Packaged in the US.